Miniature Bookshelf (200 books)


Anxiety’s natural enemy: This bookshelf can effectively relieve your stress. If you are nervous, you can swing and shake these books to release your stress out; if you are anxious, you can organize them back.


if you feel anxious or stressed this gadget is for you, every time you shake it you feel a new experience that help you to Clear Negative Energy From Your Body to be 0% stress and 0% anxiety.

Anxiety bookshelf is a handcrafted miniature wooden bookshelf featuring approximately 200 individually folded foam core miniature books.

if you are stressed you can shake up the books and if you are anxious you can organize them back.Shake your feelings again and again and get a different experience every time.

The bookshelf can be opened,and you can organize them however you want then if you don’t like it you can shake it and start over.


Material: wood

Product size: 25.4*20.32*7.62cm

Packing: paper box

Package list: bookshelf And small books

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